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Some changes in this Blog and to the Club.

Recently and in some cases for several month MARRO has been trying on some new clothes.  We have, in order to make the club active in more areas, broaden the charter to now embrace rc vehicles, micro computers such as the Raspberry PI, programming and applications of the new technology in all of our lives.  We still support communications services such as ARES and RACES and we are now looking to support the REACT community that uses CB GMRS and FRS radios.  We are supporting and assisting in the development of systems that use RC Helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and quadcopters in the Search and Rescue community.  We also support of Military Services and Veterans through the Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS).  We are also assisting with the local community radio station.

So yes we are still growing are are still engaged with our community, come on down to Happy Burger in Mariposa either for our weekly coffee klatch on Monday mornings (10am to ??) our weekly Emergency Community Net at 1900 hours (7pm) Monday, the Training Net/National Traffic Net immediately following (no nets on holidays).  Every fourth Monday of the month we have an evening meeting starting at 1900 hours (7pm) at Happy Burger (no training net on this Monday night, and no meeting on a holiday as well).

So if you have a new toy and want some help with it or just want join a group that believes in Buck Rogers and Star Trek check us out.

So until next time




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